Magy Imoberdorf was born in Switzerland and attained a degree in graphic design from ECAL, Lausanne. At the age of 23 she left for Brazil and now lives and works both in São Paulo and Berlin. Her first solo show was held in 1984 at the Galeria São Paulo and since then she has exhibited in Brazil, Switzerland, France and Germany. Much of her work starts with a comment on actualities – things going on in the world. For her drawings she uses a variety of media ranging from wood, stone, fabric, plastic and phonograph records to canvas and many different types of paper. She is at present engaged in drawing portraits of her environment into which she incorporates plants, animals and people. The art of Magy Imoberdorf reveals the beauty of refuse, through her assemblages bringing life and meaning to discarded and hitherto neglected matter. Regardless of topics touched upon, she elaborates with care her transformation of daily events – political and otherwise – into drawing. Even in the dramatic happenings pictured in her "Diary" series, the characteristic ugliness of contemporary reality is imbued with an optimistic approach to life.

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