The New Stone Age

In many ways, the sculptures selected represent our time, a sort of new stone age filled with anti-terror laws, surveillance and police control, resulting in a general process of less and less freedom. Spiderstone suggests the need and impossibility of being helped; as a film-hero he saves though in real life he is helpless, frozen in concrete when faced with danger. Made at school characterizes a form of education, rigid for the body and stifling for the mind. Let me out of here indicates how we feel, imprisoned by laws and institutions, needing to be politically correct. These three pieces indicate the nature of some of the scuptures that are part of The New Stone Age.

There are areas in East Germany where these porcelain fragments can still be found. I have a contact in Berlin – a lady who supplies me with many of the pieces that I use for my work – who salvages them from an area called the Bombenmüll meaning, literally, garbage pile for bombs – places that having been bombed were later filled in with what was left after the destruction.

Sculptures measuring between 12 and 18 cm high. Assemblages of old porcelain fragments, stone, iron, plastic etc.

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